On The Issues

Enact healthcare for all

For over 20 years, I received some of the best healthcare in the country. Why can’t everyone have that?

Attack global climate change

CNY has had some of the warmer summers on record. The West is on fire. The Midwest was hit with a record cold snap. Hurricanes are the deadliest yet. Time to act is now!

Fight for true racial and economic equality

Whether it is fixing the lead paint and pipes issue in South Syracuse, eliminating redlining, autonomy for our Indigenous Communities, or providing rural broadband, we need to rethink our economy in CNY and across the country.

Raise the minimum wage to a living wage and eliminating student debt

As a father and stepfather of three college graduates, I know how crushing student loan debt is, and how the job prospects can be. We must raise the minimum to give folks a step up, and eliminate student debt to invest in our future!

Guarantee voting rights

As an avid supporter of the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, I understand that the vote is under attack from the Right across America, in nearly every state. I will pledge to you that I will to protect that right once in office.

Protect a woman’s right to choose

If elected, I will enact legislation to fully-fund Planned Parenthood and all programs that promote women’s health. Women must have the decision to make the best decisions for their own bodies.

Make mental health for veterans and others readily accessible

If you want to solve the homeless problem, we must solve the mental health problem, specifically the Veteran mental health problem. We must continue to upgrade the Syracuse VA to support all CNY Veterans.

Defend LGBTQ+ rights

LGBTQ+ rights are under attack from both Right-Wing judges and state legislatures across America. Not only will I protect Marriage Equality and Adoptions for all families, I will see a Constitutional Amendment protecting those rights from those said judges and legislatures.

Push for universal background checks on all gun sales

If people truly are “pro-life”, then they should want to protect our children from another Sandy Hook or Majorie Stoneman Douglas-type shooting. Almost 90% of Americans support universal background checks. I will fight the gun lobby when I get to DC to ensure this happens. This is CNY not Kandahar!

End forever wars and occupations

Speaking of Kandahar, it is time we have a Peace Dividend. As someone who spent his career as an Army Finance Officer, I know full-well where the money is to convert to other programs such as education and health care. We also must protect our interpreters who have stood beside us in two wars. As someone who worked to get two of his interpreters their visas to here in the US, I know that getting them here is a labor of love.